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About 香港聾人子女協會



主要為聾人父母的健聽子女提供專業而多元化的服務及活動,支持 CODA 自我培育及發展,增加 CODA 對自己身份的認同,發揮雙語、雙文化的優勢,進而建立積極的人生觀,服務關心聾人社群,並且成為健聽與聾人世界之間的橋樑。

Our Mission is (i) to provide professional and diversified services and activities to CODAs; (ii) to support CODAs’ life development; to increase CODAs’ awareness and acceptance of their bilingual and bicultural identity, (iii) to help CODAs build a positive outlook on life; (iv) to encourage CODAs to serve and care for deaf people, and become a bridge between the hearing and the deaf worlds.


  1. 凝聚聾人家庭的子女,彼此守望扶持,建立正面價值觀,肯定自我身份。
  2. 建立聾人父母與健聽子女之間良好的溝通和關係,促進家庭和諧。
  3. 發揮手語雙語文化身份,提高手語地位、推廣聾人文化意識。
  4. 作為聾人家庭的一份子,積極爭取聾人應有的權利。
  5. 凝聚各方面關心聾人文化、支持聾人權益的健聽人士,共同推動聾健共融的社會。
  1. ​To gather children of deaf adults so that they can support and care for each other, develop positive values, and achieve self-acknowledgement of their identity;
  2. To promote family cohesion and facilitate communication between deaf parents and CODAs;
  3. To celebrate CODAs’ bilingual and bicultural identity, and raise the public’s awareness of sign language and deaf culture;
  4. To actively fight for basic rights of deaf people;
  5. To unite and align with hearing people from various walks of life, who are concerned about, and supportive of deaf culture and deaf rights; to build a society in which the deaf and the hearing integrate harmoniously.​



Through means of education, self-help, advocacy etc., (i) help CODAs develop and grow; (ii) promote harmony in deaf families; (iii) mobilise the society in creating a culture of the hearing and the deaf walking together, hand-in-hand.

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