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香港防癌會 Hong Kong Anti-Cancer Society

About Hong Kong Anti-Cancer Society

Mission and Vision

Our Mission
To reduce cancer burden in Hong Kong through:

  • advocating prevention and early detection of cancer;
  • providing treatment, rehabilitation, palliative care and holistic support to cancer survivors and their families;
  • increasing awareness and knowledge about all aspects of cancer through education, research and advocacy.

Our Vision
To fight against cancer by advocating, engaging, empowering and supporting all.

Seminars & Exhibitions

Hong Kong Anti-Cancer Society organize public seminars and exhibitions on different cancer topics regularly for the general public. Hopefully, our services can closely link to their needs and keep their abreast with the latest development on cancer issues through direct contact with the public.

Oncology Courses

Hong Kong Anti-Cancer Society have organized the integrated oncology course for health care professionals every year with a history of 33 years already. The course is popular with much credit received over the years.

International Symposium

Hong Kong Anti-Cancer Society have taken the lead to organize international cancer symposium in Hong Kong. Symposium serves as an important bridge of communication for medical experts from different countries to update and share information regarding the hot topics on cancers.

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