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About Hong Kong Health Check & Medical Diagnostic Group Limited

Hong Kong Health Check & Medical Diagnostic Group Limited ("Hong Kong Health Check") which provides one-stop comprehensive and quality medical diagnostic services with advanced imaging technology and experienced medical and healthcare professionals.

Hong Kong Health Check & Medical Diagnostic Centre, OPUS Medical Diagnostic Centre, CT Scan Diagnostic Centre and Yuen Foong Medical Diagnostic Centre are wholly owned by Hong Kong Health Check. We have a total of 8 service centres and 1 laboratory centre which are conveniently located in Central and Causeway Bay in Hong Kong, Jordan and MongKok in Kowloon, Shatin, SheungShui and Yuen Long in the New Territories. Our Flagship Centre located at 348 Nathan Road in Kowloon occupies a floor space of 20,000 square feet.
Hong Kong Health Check owned a one-stop laboratory centre which aims to meet the customer's needs and expectations. Through providing full range of laboratory services, Hong Kong Health Check strives to maintain the high quality of service and continual improvement.

5 Day Week

Bank Holiday

Medical Plan

Dental Plan

11 Days Annual Leave

Discretionary Bouns


香港體檢執行(Hong Kong Health Check)總監曹貴宜表示:「過去我們的醫療系統主要專注於疾病管理,如今我們則着重推廣預防性的醫療保健概念。這正是我們要與應用科技合作的原因,將醫療記錄電子化、讓用戶透過Health•Me2 應用程式實時存取,並配合智能手帶即時監察自己的健康水平。我們相信這能夠為客戶帶來全新的醫療保健體驗,而未來我們亦將共同努力,推動個人醫療保健管理普及化。」


應用科技集團研發之Health•Me2 流動應用程式,用戶可利用程式內的人工智能白內障檢測工具進行自我診斷,準確度高達90%。而Wristband EWB-1010智能手帶,有效監察及改善用戶的健康情況,並提供建議及個人化健康資訊。

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